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In order for an accurate bid of equipment and services needed, a no-cost consultation and personal evaluation of the facilities radiology department is necessary. At each evaluation, the compliance levels concerning the silver thiosulfate emissions will be determined per the waste treatment facilities & counties dictated in their area. If you would like more information or would like us to set up an appointment for an evaluation, please feel free to contact us at 


S.F.M.S., Inc. will be happy to answer any questions you may have and we are looking forward to the opportunity of servicing your facilities needs.


Here Is A List Of Services We Can Provide

  • Consultation and Evaluation of Silver Recovery / Medical File Film Storage Programs


  • Maintenance and Monitoring Program


  • Equipment Installation and Follow Ups 


  • Repairs and Maintenance of Existing Equipment, i.e. Silver Recovery, Water Filtration, Processors, etc..


  • Silver Flake and Metallic Exchange Canister Refining


  • Utilization of Current Recovery Equipment to Maximize Cost Savings


  • Trouble Shooting and Remediation


  • Customization of Equipment Packages


  • Quick Emergency Customer Response


  • Medical File Film Storage & Customized Shelving


  • File Film Purging & Relocation Service


  • Containers for X-Ray Films


  • Paper / File Film Separation Service


  • Scrap Film Refining


  • Custom Built PVC Spill Containment Trays & Sinks


  • Confidential Paper Destruction Services


  • Pre-Scheduled appointments for all Service Maintenance & Pick Ups

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