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Southeastern File Management Services, Inc.

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Southeastern File Management Services is dedicated to creating a stronger ecology by recycling. We therefore, sell and service state of the art spill containment trays, developer recycling systems and silver recovery equipment. Our equipment will allow your facility to meet and exceed all local, state and federal compliance regulations, as well as save you up to 75% in chemistry cost. Southeastern File Management services, Inc. & Environmental, has been built around strong service to our valued customers. S.F.M.S., Inc. & Environmental, has been working with the healthcare, printing, photography industries for over 25 years. We provide full service and support that specializes in chemical reduction, file film purging, recycling and silver recovery as well as other products needed in the film processing areas. Over the years, our staff's expertise has saved companies thousands of dollars in chemistry savings and returned revenue from materials recycled. Upon scheduling an appointment, a representative will meet you to conduct the appropriate analysis on your processing equipment, recyclable materials and your facilitiy's file room. With this information, we will discuss options available to you with respect to the recycling and recovery equipment most compatible to your own individual facility. Southeastern File Management Services & Environmental, Inc. is always striving for the highest standards in quality of equipment and services. We appreciate the opportunity to be of service to your organization.

In our custom built warehouse, we have air controlled equipment with an apparatus for controlling humidity and various temperatures to fit the needs of documentation and their safe keeping, from backup (tapes, CD’s, Files, etc.) to actual film (sheet, slides or x-ray) and paper (accounting, old records files, legal folders) you just can’t dispose of. We can help, we want to help, why not call us; it is what we do..

Questions and/or comments are always welcome, because you the customer are the one that keep us in business, contact us anytime and we will be happy to accommodate your specific provisions.

1-800-533-9879 or Officestaff@sfmsenvironmental.com



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