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Environmental Compliance


S.F.M.S. Inc. provides services such as; Environmental Compliance testing, to maintain levels below the Local, State and EPA guidelines, on silver recovery Metallic Exchange Canisters and Electrolytic Systems.


Exchange Canisters and Testing Procedures

  • The primary purpose of the Metallic Exchange Canister is to remove the silver thiosulfate emissions to a level below the Local, State and EPA guidelines. At the point that the canister begins to pass silver above the allowable limit, the canister must be replaced.


  • The canister is tested at the point of entry into the facilities waste water stream with pollution control test strips that detects @ 5 parts per million. If the Metallic Exchange Canister is passing silver @ 5ppm or above then a replacement canister will be installed.


  • The disposal of the metallic exchange canister must be handled according to accepted EPA, State and Local guidelines. These canisters cannot be stored on site for a long period of time or discarded and therefore the expired canisters must be incinerated.


Electrolytic Silver Recovery Unit Harvesting

  • At the time of service we clean the Anode and Cathode, make Silver and Quality Control Test the Fixer Tank with Ag-Fix Strips . Also during the service period we make any necessary adjustments to your electrolytic unit.


  •  We Remove, weigh and bag your Silver Flake.


  •  In the instance that the electrolytic unit needs to be delivered to our factory service center, S.F.M.S. will provide a loaner unit for your facility.  There will be No Extra Charge for the installation or use of this loaner Electrolytic Unit.



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