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Storage for array of archived data & environmental services…
Please allow us to introduce our company to you. Below are some ways Southeastern File Management Services & Environmental Inc. may be of assistance to help the business and medical industry with archive data or environmental needs.

Congested Rooms with archive data; that can cause damage, lost files or even aggravation to the file librarian. We Can store safely and securely your archived data. We offer digitizing and sending data to a virtual private network or we can simply transfer to a CD format. We also have the capabilities to properly dispose of confidential documents or file films within the HIPPA: privacy act along side with; your facilities preference and regulations. We can assist you with this!

What is Environmental Silver Thiosulfate Compliance & Why is this Important? Southeastern File Management Services & Environmental offers regular scheduled visits to maintain our customer's facilities silver recovery equipment. We do this with the EPA requirement to the local, state and federal compliance levels regarding silver thiosulfate generated by the processing of film. Also, Constucted of durable and chemical resistant material, we can custom make, to suit your needs, spill containment trays. These trays provide protection from chemical spills that would otherwise make unsightly stains, smells or worse to your surrounding floors. We can assist you with this?
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Together we can make a difference in the world with a little pride and care!1-800-533-9879...

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